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Ovation Carving Station with Induction Warming

Create a Unique Guest Experience with a Carving Station Buffet

The SICO® Ovation Carving Station Buffet with Induction Warming allows you to bring the excitement of the chef to your guests. This fully loaded mobile unit makes it easy to set up a professional chef carving station that reinforces your quality image.

Features, Advantages & Benefits

Heated Carving Tray — Features an ample carving surface area; it's also removable and stainless steel for ease of cleaning.

Two Induction Warming Units With Advanced Electronic Temperature Controls — More energy efficient, cleaner, and cost effective than gas or radiant units. Controls are streamlined, attractive and easy-to-use. Configured with 2 induction warming units.

Two 250 Watt Heat Lamps — To preserve your food's temperature so it's fresh and ready to serve.

Quartz Composite Top — Provides superior scratch and stain resistance — NSF certified!

Decorative Brushed Stainless Steel Fascia — A full wrap-around steel fascia for an enhanced stylish look.

Two 3/8" Thick Frosted Glass Shelves — Perfect for showcasing decorative items and for guest plating convenience. Shelves remove for ease of cleaning.

LED Lighting — "Green" energy-saving LED lighting located above glass shelves complement the unit's elegance.

Cabinet for Storage — Hidden from guests' view.

Heavy-Duty Steel Frame — Provides a strong and durable foundation for day-in and day-out use.

Mobility — Six 4" diameter ball bearing swivel casters allow stations to move in and out of action with ease.

Top Size: 78 7/16″ L x 33 7/8″ W (199.2 cm x 86 cm)
Serving Surface Height: 34″ (86 cm)
Overall Height with Lamps & Splash Guards: Up to 77″ (196 cm)
Plate Shelf Height: 17 3/4″ (45 cm)

Two induction warming units
Two 250 watt heat lamps
Stainless steel heated carving tray
3/8″ frosted and tempered glass shelf
NSF Certified 20mm thick quartz composite material with armor edge bumper to protect top.
Brushed stainless steel fascia
Steel inner frame constructed from 1″ square 14ga steel tubing
Six – 4″ (10cm) ball bearing swivel casters
12 volt LED under cabinet lights
Concealed euro-style hinges
3/8″ thick glass splash guard with stainless steel mounts for easy removal.
Configured with two induction warming units.
Storage cabinet underneath
12 volt 70,000 hour cooling fan

Induction Unit Warming Temperature Ranges
95ºF / 35°C
104°F / 40°C
122°F / 50°C
140°F / 60°C
158°F / 70°C
176°F / 80°C
194°F / 90°C

Domestic 120 VAC Power Requirements
Load Per Induction Unit: (400 watts) – 4 amps
Load for Heated Carving Tray: (600 watts)
Combined Load for two 250 Watt Heat Lamps: (500 watts)
(1) 20 Amp surge protector with single US 20A power cord

Domestic 240 VAC Power Requirements
Load Per Induction Unit: (400 watts) – 2 amps
Load for Heated Carving Tray: (600 watts)
Combined Load for both 250 Watt Heat Lamps: (500 watts)
(1) 15 Amp surge protector with single US 240V power cord

Note: This station requires a 20 Amp plug / socket.