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Graphics Packages

Set the tone of the environment using SICO’s pre-designed graphics packages with unique themes, and multiple size options. All materials are designed specifically for commercial use. Brand your space using custom logos and colours, even add your slogan to create a focal point that your visitors can admire.

Squares- With square panels you can create multiple configurations that add interest and variety to an otherwise boring space.

Custom- Choose to customize the graphics to suit your school colours, logo, and fonts. Designate certain areas of a space using a creative graphic that captures your branding.

Mural- Include one or more murals to your space to create an expansive environment. Choose from rigid PVC or adhesive backed vinyl.

Squares: Direct Print to White 6mm Sintra (4 panels- various configurations possible)
Standard Sizes:
58cm x 58cm (23” x 23”)
91cm x 91cm (36” x 36”)
119cm x 119cm (47” x 47”)
150cm x 150cm (59” x 59”)

Custom: Direct Print to White 6mm Sintra
Standard Sizes:
183cm x 119cm (72” X 47”)
244cm x 119cm (96” X 47”)
305cm x 119cm (120” X 47”)

Mural: Rigid PVC or Adhesive Backed Vinyl
Standard Size: 150cm x 150cm (59” x 59”)